Tri-State Grotto has numerous on-going caving related projects which you are invited to be a part of. See Events Page for upcoming Project dates.

Adam Stephen Tunnel Dig

Searching for the famed buried tunnels that Adam Stephen built his house over as an escape route from possible Indian attacks. Martinsburg, WV

This Old Cave -- Adam Stephen Tunnels Project 2000 - Tri-State Grotto - YouTube

Adam Stephen Tunnels

Apollo Theater Dig

Searching for the lost tunnel below the Apollo Theater on Martin Street in Martinsburg, WV

Apollo Theater

Atha Dig

Searching for an alleged cave in the Whitings Neck Area that has been buried over time. Berkeley County, WV

Atha Dig

Crystal Grottoes Dig (completed!)

Opening up of the Tri-State Grotto Passage in the Crystal Grottoes Caverns in Boonsboro, MD

Crystal Grottoes - Sonny